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The beginnings of JustListen

JustListen was created to bridge the gap between older adults and internet content – making interactions with their family and the world more substantial and enjoyable.  My own grandmother was the inspiration behind JustListen and the starting point for our mission to uplift and empower older adults around the world.                         
Itai Preis
Co-Founder & CEO 

What does it mean to be a Beta User?

JustListen is a new project and in these early stages, it is important for us to see firsthand how this product lives and breathes in the hands of our users.
During these critical first steps, we are happy to provide this platform for free, no strings attached, for six months.  Regardless of future pricing, our beta users will always get the best offers available.  To ensure that we can support all of our users our beta trial will be limited so don’t wait to get started!
We are always happy to hear from you with any feedback, suggestions, or questions at hello@justlisten.co!

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